I have been so discouraged over the years trying weight loss products that never seem to work as advertised. That is why I’m so excited about your Papaya Capsules that I had to write you a letter.

Papaya Fusion Capsules has simply changed my life completely. Let me explain…I have NO will power I admit it, and have been over-weight my entire adult life. Living alone as a 42 year old woman was depressing enough but living alone as an obese woman was embarrassing. I never socialized and forget about my non-existent love life. All I would do was go to my job as a secretary in a doctor’s office, then stop on the way home for fast food, eat in the car, and then once I got home I would snack ferociously until going to bed.

While surfing the internet one day at work I came across a weight loss message board talking about how one woman in Ohio lost 122 pounds using your specialy formulated Papaya Capsules.

I quickly looked it up and read all the info… it looked really promising but I was sceptical, but I figure it was guaranteed so what did I have to lose. A few days later I received the capsules in the mail and started taking them immediately. It was simple, just one a day is all that is required, and sure enough within the first 48 hours I started to have noticeable weight loss on my scale.

Encouraged…I kept it up for 3 months and have now lost close to 80 pounds. WOW! I look hot! I bought a completely new wardrobe. Needless to say all my new clothes are tight and sexy, but you won’t believe the best part, the good looking young doctor I work for has asked me out and we have been seeing each other for about 4 weeks. I’m so excited!! I went from fat, lonely, and depressed to Hot, Sexy and dating a Doctor! So when I say your Papaya Capsules changed my life, I’m not kidding.

My warmest and deepest thanks to all of you at Papaya Fusion.

Sue M.  Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
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Papaya Fusion 6-Months Supply
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